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Flor de jamaica per perdere peso

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Una ricetta simile al più conosciuto karkadèche è la bevanda dolce preparata con i fiori di ibisco. Il Ministero della Salute del Messico raccomanda di disinfettare la lattuga, ad esempio, con quattro o cinque gocce di cloro. Dopo i risultati del sondaggio, sono state analizzate diverse piante e sono stati trovati effetti antibatterici in diversi di essi.

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Conosciuto anche come rosa della Giamaica, Abissinia rosa, rosella e alleluia. Le sue proprietà battericide, che ora vengono esaminate per la prima volta, ne aumentano i benefici.

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This makes the infusion of hibiscus leaves a bactericide that can be even more powerful than chlorine. A recipe similar to the best known karkadè, which is the sweet drink made with hibiscus flowers.

Finding bactericides safe for health is always one of the challenges flor de jamaica per perdere peso science, because they are necessary, among other things, to reduce the contamination of the food we consume. Between one and one hundred thousand bacteria can coexist in fruit or vegetables, especially if the water or the soil in which they were grown has been contaminated.

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Not to mention the chemicals, metals and poisons that food can also contain. While the elimination of the heavy compounds present in food is a little more complicated Bacteria should be able to be eliminated with certain hygiene standards; although it is not always easy to find a suitable formula.

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The results of the research on Flor de Jamaica Mexican scientist Javier Castro Rosas, of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, and one of the leaders of research on the properties of the Jamaican Flower, has created a product based on this ingredient that can be used to decontaminate food.

The Ministry of Health of Mexico recommends disinfecting lettuce, for example, with four or five drops of chlorine.

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The study was conducted on fruit and vegetables from the Mezquital valley, which are irrigated with black water. These foods containing pathogens like Salmonella typhi, which generates typhoid, and Escherichia coli, reported kidney damage and even death.

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The results indicated that the antimicrobial potential of Flor de Jamaica glasses was higher than that flor de jamaica per perdere peso chlorine and that of commercial products; however, it is necessary to formulate and combine flowers in different ways depending on the characteristics of the food to be disinfected for example, the thickness and roughness of the shell. One remarkable thing is the way the survey was conducted: specialists surveyed the state of Hidalgo to find out which plant its inhabitants attributed, the ancestral way, an anti-microbial effect to heal wounds or various body infections.

After the survey results, different plants were analyzed and antibacterial effects were found in several of them. The properties of Flor de Jamaica Flor del Jamaica scientifically called Hibiscus sabdariffa is made with a plant from the hibiscus family, native to tropical Africa. However, it is successfully grown in Mexico, Central and South America, mainly in Colombia, Guyana and Venezuela, and in the far northeast of Argentina.

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Also known as Jamaica rose, Abyssinia rose, rosella and alleluia. The Jamaica flower is red, up to 4 centimeters long, is formed by five petals and has a conical shape, similar to a small poppy.

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The plant was grown to extract its hard stems and use them to make the canvas; then their red calyxes were used as food coloring and later the medicinal properties were attributed to them. The Jamaica flower has properties: diuretic antiparasitic slightly laxative There are also those who say that it has a slimming effect, but probably only for its diuretic effect, since there is no evidence that it serves to speed up the metabolism or burn fat.

Its bactericidal properties, which are now being examined for the first time, increase its benefits.