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Arms Physical activity alone is not enough to tone up sagging underarm skin. Over the age of 40, many women are plagued with an annoying blemish: sagging arms.

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The skin between the elbow and the armpit, covering the triceps muscle, loses its elasticity and tone, thus complying with gravity and inevitably collapsing downwards. The idea of a Florida pensioner enthusiastically shaking her bingo card, causing her underarm to ripple and flap is pretty evocative.


The causes of wobbly arms. Excess underarm skin is the consequence of two types of factors: internal factors such as genetics and aging, and external ones such as photoaging and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Cutaneous aging.

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This is the first cause of progressive tone loss in the arms, and it commences at around 25 years of age. Perdita di peso di ali di bingo the years the effect is accentuated by a decrease in volume of the muscles and bones. Sudden weight loss and weight gain. The skin is an actual organ, and although it is incredibly elastic, it still has its limitations. If it is subjected to excessive stress, it can be damaged as is the case of stretch marks and lose its elasticity.

In the event of a sudden weight loss, the subcutaneous and adipose tissues empty out, leading to excess skin bunching up on the surface. If this occurs in the tricep area, it results in bingo wings, which are nothing more than skin redundancy. Weight gain, on the other hand, has the opposite, but equally aesthetically unpleasant effect: fat accumulates in the thin-skinned tricep area exerts a strong downward pressure, simple following the force of gravity.


A sedentary lifestyle. A lack of physical activity causes a loss of muscle tone and volume, which in turn leads to excess skin on the surface.

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A diet low in protein and omega 3 fats. In the absence of these macronutrients, muscle mass can be significantly compromised. Vitamin C and E deficiencies. Poor hydration.

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Without adequate hydration, the skin loses its elasticity. The 4 riders of the cutaneous apocalypse: alcohol, smoke, smog and UV rays. These four factors wreak havoc on our skin and our health overall.

Tone ’em up: the remedies to firm up sagging arms.

Large quantities of alcohol fatten and dehydrate the skin. Smoke, smog and UV nutrienti per la perdita di grasso also increase the amount of free radicals in our bodies, subjecting it to increased oxidative stress.

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Maintaining a good muscle tone is essential to avoid skin flaccidity. Some arm exercises to train your triceps can be performed at home in a comfortable and safe way add to these other exercises focusing on your biceps and forearms, for proportionately toned arms.

Running is also one of the recommended activities for slimming your arms because of the swinging movement of the upper limbs; likewise for swimming, in particular crawl and backstroke. Find out more here. Toned and slender arms: the importance of proper nutrition.

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Exercise must be coupled with a diet including all the macronutrients in the proper proportions and quantities. Toned arms especially require omega 3 proteins and fats: the latter are mainly found in salmon and sardines, but also in dried fruit walnuts, almonds and pine nutsseeds flax, sesame, chiaspinach, cauliflower and eggs, for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

A word of warning against extreme diets.


As we said at the beginning of the article, drastic weight loss is a major cause of arm laxity. Furthermore, these restrictive dies usually cannot be maintained for very long periods, so you risk gaining back all the lost kilos and more. And being overweight will only weigh down the triceps, making them hang in an even more obstinate way.

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