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Andy is introduced as a friend of Linford Short Leon Lopez who helps him with work on his foster brother Vincent Hubbard 's Richard Blackwood basement.

Lauren Branning

Andy then helps rescue Phil's daughter Louise Mitchell Tilly Keeper from the wreckage and, with the help of Linford and another man, drags Phil from the digger. However, Andy does not arrive and Jack tells Ronnie he is dogsitting.

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Kyle threatens violence against Andy, shaking the ladder he is on, but Stacey stops him. Later, in the pub, Andy and Jack call Kyle a feminist, so Kyle assumes Stacey has told them that he is transgender and angrily leaves.

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Andy listens in on Glenda's telephone conversation with her son Danny Mitchell Liam Berginand later reveals this conversation to Ronnie. Martin later asks Andy if he can do more building work, but Andy says he is not qualified, but says that Jack has had 40 toilets delivered in error and they can sell them on and split the profits. Later, Andy looks at newspaper articles he has collected about Ronnie.

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Stacey allows him to stay in their flat for a few days. Andy finds Kyle looking at his file of newspaper articles, including a photo of Andy and Ronnie's dead daughter, Danielle Jones Lauren Cracewhitney di eastenders perde peso.

As she texts Andy, he is with his father, Andy Jones Aneirin Hughesalso Danielle's adoptive father, and tells him he is getting closer to Ronnie. Andy finds her, and apologises to Ronnie, saying he just wanted time to explain, and she allows him to stay.

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She explains that she was unaware of Danielle's true identity until shortly before her death; they talk about her fondly. Jack, who has been told Andy's true identity, finds them both and punches Andy. Although he explains that he was genuinely interested in Roxy, she coldly tells him to leave, only for Ronnie to whitney di eastenders perde peso after him as she believes he is still struggling to grieve for Danielle's death. He instantly regrets this and says he has messed things up and that he caused Danielle's death because he encouraged her to find her birth mother.

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Ronnie tells him to stop blaming himself as he has been doing. Andy suggests that he and Ronnie start making up for their lost years, but she tells him to leave and that they both need to move on from Danielle's death.

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Ronnie assures Andy she is always there for him and gives him Danielle's locket. Stacey sees Andy leaving and asks him why he did not tell her the truth.

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He says he was afraid that she would tell Ronnie and then thanks her for being a friend to him and Danielle, before leaving the Square. Following this, it was speculated if Andy was in fact the same person as Gareth Jones, the previously known brother of Danielle, [85] and it was said that Andy would "get more sinister" and there would be twists to the storyline.

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She opined that she was enjoying his storyline but did not want Ronnie to come to harm or Roxy to be heartbroken, so hoped "Andy's game is rumbled sooner rather than later".